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Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
Golf Club Biella “Le Betulle”
P.I. 01927060028
Regione Valcarrozza 2
13887 Magnano (BI) ITALY
Phone. 015 679151


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This site belongs to Golf Club Biella “Le Betulle” – Valcarrozza Region 2 – 13887 Magnano (BI) – ITALY

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Any e-mail or data voluntarily provided by visitors is received come exclusively by the “Le Betulle” Biella Golf Club
Responsible for conservation
Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Golf Club Biella “Le Betulle”
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– mails sent to all addresses …@golfclubbiella.com
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Data are collected via email and hosted internally in the Association offices or on the Italian web farm hosting the site. Statistical data to monitor the use of the website are hosted on the web farm or through companies complying with the European privacy regulations
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Data are collected to communicate or for security and statistics purposes, (anonymous IP addresses). No data is used for marketing.
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No data received is disclosed
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No data is stored beyond normal communication needs.
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